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Mini Pig Products

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Fits All Shapes of pigs!

The only harness you'll ever need for your pig!  No more constantly buying larger sized harnesses as your pig ages!  This molds easily around any body type or figure.   As your pig grows in circumference, your "leash" will get shorter.

Escape Resistant

This is a simple to use escape artist harness!
If your pig tries to back out of this harness, the leash will tighten around the body like a slip lead. Keep your pig secure and in your control.


Key Benefits

  • Crafted in the USA for exceptional quality, this double braided nylon leash has tensile strength up to 3,700 lbs, which is strong enough to hold a boat.

  • Soft texture with no hard edges or buckles reduces chafing and doesn’t irritate skin.

  • Movable rubber stops adjust harness to any size and easily straps onto and off of your dog when it’s time for a walk.

  • Quick and easy to clean, just machine wash and hang to dry.



The S/M is 7.4 ft. in total length and slightly thinner in diameter. 

Available in Blue, Black and Pink 



Large Kong Wobbler


This is my favorite pig toy and we have several in use!  The Wobbler Dog Toy is a treat dispenser and toy all in one. Easy to fill with treats, this toy randomly releases food and treats as pet nudges and rolls it around.  Pigs can try pawing it, nudging it or batting it around. The Wobbler Dog Toy will not fall down. Simply twist off the top, fill dish inside with dry food or treats, screw the top back on, then let your pet go nuts. A fun and entertaining way to stimulate pet play, 



Piglet Starter Package

Everything you need to get started!  

Modified Bin Litter Box

Large bag of Litter

10 LBS of food

Forager Mat 

Piglet Tunnel 

Large Tough Ball




Fleece rooting ball

Hide treats or even your pigs entire meal inside the ball and your pet must roll the ball to release the treasure. The soft fleece is easy on the nose and makes getting to the food more difficult and fun!  

It is machine washable (let air dry) 

Colors will vary.  If given enough time, I can make these out of any colors that you like!



Fleece rooting Mat

Just like the ball only in mat form.  I use these daily and they really keep pigs busy.  We offer these in 12x12 and 12x24.

It is machine washable (let air dry)

Colors will vary.  If given enough time, I can personalize colors.

12x12 $25

12x24 $40

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