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About Our Piglets

What makes our piglets different from others in the area?


Ours are raised indoors and treated like pets from the day that they are born.  Their mothers were raised the same way.  We focus our training on indoor behaviors including litter box training, leash and harness starting and just being handled.  We play with their feet and hooves (yes sometimes this involves a full pedicure experience including polish) so that when it comes time for you to trim up the hooves, there will be no stress. 

We socialize them around both indoor and outdoor pets to help with confidence. We vacuum, sweep, play loud music and expose them to everyday home life.  This allows you to focus on bonding with your new baby and enforcing behaviors instead of  starting from scratch!  


Pigs, just like other animals, all have different personalities. We will be able to help you decide on a piglet that will be the best fit for your family. All of our male piglets are neutered prior to going to their new homes. This is included in the price of your piglet. Intact males make terrible pets. Most females are sold on spay contract due to their size.  They are also wormed, fully vaccinated and vet checked.

We want our piggy parents to be able to take our piglets home and just really enjoy them.  There is enough stress and excitement involved with bringing a new pet home that we want to make that transition as smooth as possible.  Our piglets are people and pet friendly. No chasing your poor scared piglet around your house because they have never been indoors.  Piglets can run fast!  It's not fun

Our piglets are litter box trained and actually start using the box with their momma when they are under a week old.  A farm raised piglet will find a corner, or every corner, and make it their potty spot.  Why?  Because that is what mom taught them.  So first you have to untrain them and then retrain them.  While some piglets may catch on to this within a few days, most will not. Don't buy the lie that you can take an outdoor piglet and just give them a litter box and they will know what to do.  It is not that easy. Not even close.

You will also take home a care package that includes a detailed care booklet, starter food and a toy or blanket. Should you not be able to keep your pig, we will take it back There will be no monetary reimbursement, but we will make sure that your pet is placed in a good home. Unless it is emergent, we may need time to make room for your pet.  We want to make the transition as easy as possible for your pet.


















We breed a few different breeds at Petunias Piglets.  This allows us to offer our customers a variety of sizes, temperaments and prices. We breed a few different breeds at Petunias Piglets.  This allows us to offer our customers a variety of sizes, temperaments and prices.

Juliana:  The Juliana breed is the smallest purebred pig available.  Our Juliana parents are from the best stock and purchased from a reputable retired JPAR registered breeder. We do have all of their paperwork showing their lineage and showing that they are pure.  Our Juliana piglets should range from a full grown size of 12-15 inches tall and 50-75 lbs.  

True Mini Pig  

This is a a breed that is much smaller and not to be confused with the potbelly.  A true mini is a product of very selective breeding of small breeds over several generations.  Our pigs range from 12" to 16" and are comparable in size to an English Bulldog.   

While you may find pigs that are similar in size, you will not find them smaller, and certainly not friendlier!  20 pound healthy pigs do not exist. Any pig under 45 pounds has been neglected!


If you are interested in one of our piglets, we require a non refundable deposit of $300 to hold him or her until she is ready to go.  This deposit goes toward the final price of your piglet.  The remaining is due at weaning.   If you change your mind and decide not to get the piglet, your deposit will not be refunded. There are no exceptions.

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