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Yes we do ship! We can ship by air to your nearest major airport for around $375. This includes flight, crate, microchip, vet visit/ health certificate  and required paperwork.

We do all of the work for you.  We will schedule the flight, make all required vet appointments and contact you with your flight information.  


During the school year we generally ship on the weekends.  During the summer months we can do weekday shipping.   We do ask that you are as flexible as possible with your pickup days/times as we want to get your piglet the shortest flight possible and this can limit what we have to offer.  Full payment must be received by 6 weeks of age so that we can make sure that everything is taken care of by 8 weeks of age at shipping time.  Failure to make payment in full will forfeit your deposit and your piglet will be relisted. 

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