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Finley  is a papered purebred Juliana Pig and a perfect example of the breed.  He stands  at 15 inches and is a fully mature boar.

Julianas have slightly longer legs but a trimmer body type.  Because of his dark color, you can’t see all of his spots very well.  If you wet his coat, you can see that he is covered!  He is called a red Roan and produces piglets in beautiful red tones. DOB 6/2015


Pickles is a purebred Juliana.  She is a perfect example of the breed.  She is only about 14 inches and she is fully mature.  She is a very small Juliana. She is super friendly and the best mom ever.  She trusts me completely and actually would not let me leave the entire time that she was in labor.  It was awesome!  This pig will drop anywhere for a belly rub! 

DOB 11/2015

This is our stud Bullet. He is a JPAR papered Juliana and is super tiny! At 4 years of age he is 12 inches..  He is the sweetest thing and even lets the kids dress him up. His favorite spot is under the covers with my daughter.  If you make eye contact with him, he will timber to the ground for his belly rubs.  We had him shipped in from a breeder that breeds some of the smallest pigs in the country. He produces tiny super spotted babies. DOB 4/15

This is the little lady that started it all!   We took her in pregnant and enjoyed her and her piglets so much that we decided to start breeding these special animals. I just love this pig to pieces! She is an outdoor pig by choice, and comes out of her pen each morning to do my chores with me and snack at the apple orchard. EDIT (Petunia has been retired from breeding, but she still likes visitors.


Greta is a super friendly pig with a sassy attitude. She likes to be top pig and will get pushy with her little nose if she is feeling the slightest bit neglected. She is fully mature at over 3 years old.  She is about 14″ and about 50lbs in her prime condition.  She is 75% Juliana JPAR Papered. We love her shorter nose and high ratio of spots.  Her piglets are always super friendly and sell quickly because of it. DOB 11/2015


Spencer is just the tiniest thing.  At over 3 years old, he is still under 50 pounds and 13inches at the shoulder.   He is super friendly and will follow me everywhere and is definitely a lap pig! DOB 11/2017


Rama is 3 1/2 years old and just under 13 inches!  She is my smallest fully mature female and weighs about 45lbs in her prime condition.  She is a sassy and sweet pig.  She likes to be the center of attention and gets jealous if she is not.  She lives full time indoors by choice.  We offered her a nice outdoor area and she came running for the front door!  DOB 1/2015

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movli (1).jpg

Mogli is an absolute doll boy.  He is the son of Phoebe and Bullet.  He is solid white with blue eyes.  He is a short pig with a small body.  Fully mature at 14 inches.  DOB 2/2017

Ariel (1).jpg

Ariel is fully mature at 5 years of age.  She is a great mom and lets me in to play with them on day one!  She is really short (13 inches) but has a longer body type.  I like to compare her to a basset hound.  She produces the most adorable tuxedo piglets.  DOB 1/14


This is Phoebe and she has my heart.  She is a princess that does not like to get her feet dirty so she lives in the house 100% of the time.  She is fully mature at 3 years old.  She has been retired and is pictured for lineage reasons only.


This is Crinkle She  is one of my smallest girls and was born 3/2018.  She is one of my best behaved piggies and inside or outside, she has to potty in a box!  She likes things clean and tidy.  Silly pig. She measured right at 13 inches at 2 years

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