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  • How big do your pigs get?
    Our pigs range from 12" to 16" and are comparable in size to an English Bulldog or Cocker Spaniel. While you may find pigs that are similar in size, you will not find them smaller. 20 pound healthy pigs do not exist. We estimate our piglets adult size based on their parents length and height and from documented growth rates from past litters. We do not estimate weight, as that would be impossible. A person that is 5 feet tall could weigh 90 pounds or 250 plus pounds, with a healthy weight somewhere in between. A pig is no different. The more you feed them, the more the numbers on the scale go up. We want a pig that can run and play without difficiulty and have full vision without fat covering anpiy part of the eye. We will help you tell if your pet is underweight or overweight. The terms teacup, micro mini and pixie are all classifications that describe a small pig. There is no full grown healthy pig under 12 inches or under 40 pounds, reguardless of what a breeder may tell you. We use the term teacup to describe our smallest pigs, the ones that are as small as they get. If size is a huge issue for you, I recommend that you reconsider getting a pig as a pet. Although we have found our estimations to be pretty accurate, you can still occasionally have one get bigger and it is completely unpredictable. It would be hard on both you and the piggy should you have to give it up.
  • How much do your pigs cost?
    Our piglets are 750-1200. Older piglets are sometimes priced lower.
  • Can I visit your pigs/piglets?
    Yes! but we are now requiring a deposit before an appointment is made. If you are interested in purchasing a piglet and would like to meet the parents and piglets in person we would love to have you over. If you are not ready to add a piglet to your family yet, please enjoy or website and facebook page until you are ready. Visits are only for families who are ready to add a pig to the family. For more information on our home visits:
  • What is included with each piglet?
    All of our male piglets are neutered (by a licensed veterinarian) prior to going to their new homes. This is included in the price of your piglet. Intact males make terrible pets. Most females are sold on spay contract due to their size. They are also wormed, fully vaccinated and vet checked. 1 year genetic health guarantee. Litter box trained and highly socialized. Care package including food, blanket or toy, care instructions, starter food.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Gig Harbor, wa. We frequently meet customers throughout Washington state and Oregon for a small fee. We also offer airline shipping for $350.
  • Which makes a better pet, a boy or a girl?"
    Neutered males and spayed females make equally wonderful, loving pets.
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