A mentor told me years ago that responsible breeders also rescue.  If you are going to bring animals into the world you better also be prepared to take care of the ones already in it.  

We not only take back our customers pigs if they can no longer take care of them, we also take in other pigs when their breeder won't help.  The above pig "Dixie" came from a Snohomish breeder that couldn't make room to take this poor girl back.  Long story short, we were contacted and went to pick her up.  While friendly, she was 70 pounds overweight and covered in scars that were caused from being housed with large meat pigs.  She quickly became a permanent resident.  She is still a pretty big pig, but at least she is a healthy, happy  big pig!l  You will see her as soon as you drive in!

We are also actively involved in wildlife animal rehabilitation and release.  We currently have 13 opossum babies.  We love to show them off​ and show what incredible animals they actually are.  If you come out for a visit in spring, you never know what you will see.  

If you don't see a rescue that you like listed, please contact us!  We are likely working with additional pigs that just aren't quite ready for adoption yet.  


(Name for identification purposes only.  I will use your preferred name if you have one)

This little guy is going to be super short with a longer body length just like his mom.  Being one of the smallest of the litter, he is a bit timid until he knows that you are safe.  This is pretty typical and usually that goes away when they don't have to compete with their siblings.  He will happily take treats from you and even sits up.  We are working on him taking treats nicely.  By himself, he is good, but add a sibling and he gets a little nippy. 

These babies are out of my shortest momma.  She has a longer body type.  Like a hot dog with short legs.  Dad is tiny but still has a bit of growing left.  We expect him to mature at English Bulldog size.  We paired these two to try and create a short piglet that isn't quite as long.  These babies are fantastic!

Includes Vet spay/neuter, Vet check, vaccinations and wormings.  Born and raised inside for the friendliest pet.  Litter box trained.

DOB 5/04/2019

Parents Mogli x Ariel

Estimated Height Bulldog size


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