Smallest, Friendliest
Pigs in Washington State!

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Babies available now

Smallest,Healthiest, Friendliest teacup mini pigs in Washington state.  We have references and pictures to prove it! Licensed and registered.

Spayed/Neutered, fully vet checked, vaccinated and treated for parasites.  Even litter box trained!  Born in our home, not in a barn and socialized from day one.

Our mini pigs are frequently placed as emotional support animals and with children with special needs.  We have helped people obtain their ESA and you can't do this with an unfriendly pig!  We have one that is a preschool mascot and the star of the school.  We pride ourselves on how well socialized our pigs are.


ALL piglets have their vet work completed by our licensed Veterinarian, as it should be.  If you want a farm pig, go to a farm.  Want a pet, come and visit us!  References available!

We are one of the only breeders of purebred papered Juliana mini pigs in WA State.  Want to see papers?  Please ask!  The lineage of our breeders is incredibly important to us and we are happy to show it off!

We also offer mini (miniature) pigs, which are often times called teacup pigs and micro mini pixie pigs.  We do not breed potbelly pigs.  Parents are on site and age can be verified on all of our breeders.  The majority of our pigs are over 3 years of age and we own multiple generations of most of our lines.  We don't just say it, we prove it. 


We are also very active in pig rescue and occasionally have fuller figured pigs available to approved homes.  For obvious reasons, we can not estimate any sizes on rescues.  We make it very clear to any family adopting a rescue from us that they could end up with a larger pig.  We have never had a complaint because we are very up front and honest about all of our pigs!

No we don't produce farm pigs.  No we don't produce healthy pigs over 100lbs.  That is silly. That is just something that certain breeders will say to try to discredit us and get your business.  Not a single breeder has accepted my invitation to come out and meet my pigs, so I can guarantee that they have no first hand knowledge of their size or quality.  We say, go meet their pigs and then come and meet ours and decide for yourself.  There is simply no comparison.   Certain breeders spend more time trying to discredit other breeders then they do trying to improve their own lines.  I just don't waist my time dealing with people like this.  I'll spend the time playing with my pigs instead!

We have both indoor and outdoor pigs and some that can’t decide where they want to sleep!  Right now we have 5 pigs laying in front of our fireplace because it is cold outside.  Having pigs that actually live indoors full time, I am able to offer assistance that other breeders can not.

The piglets are born and raised indoors and have outdoor time when they are old enough and if weather permits. They are also litter box trained.  They will come with a starter bag of food, toy or blanket and basic care instructions.  

We also offer shipping if you live out of state. We ship through Delta Air. Shipping is 350-375 in addition to the price of the piglet.


The babies are Here!!


​Our miniature pigs are socialized with other animals.  We have indoor cats and dogs and outdoor poultry and rabbits.

Fully Vetted

Our mini piglets are wormed and fully vaccinated.  All males are neutered and all females are  spayed.  Neuters are done by my vet under anesthesia with pain medications and are NOT farm neutered.  


We are the ONLY Washington State Mini pig breeder that has my vet do all of my spays and neuters. Why is this important?  Farm neuters cause frequent hernias because the inguinal canal/ring is not closed and internal organs can slip through the ring. This is a very serious health condition that can happen at any age to a pig that was not neutered properly by a licensed vet. When a vet does a pet neuter, they close the inguinal ring, preventing a hernia.  Yes this costs quite a bit more, but we feel that it is essential. We have seen families spend thousands to try to save a herniated pig only to lose them in the end.   

We have NEVER had a customer have to deal with a hernia.  Farm neuters are also done without any pain medications or antibiotics.  OUCH!  Don't be afraid to ask for vet paperwork.  If the piglet has seen a vet, they should provide you with documentation.